Your Second Family...

Complex Care

We are aware that by the time parents place their child in kindergarten, they have spent several years devoting all their care, love and time to the child. We mean to continue this and we are ready to take over some of the care. We are going to look after your child as if it were our own, and we will do our best so that the parents can have some time for themselves. We want to use our experience and provide the parents with the best care for their children in all aspects.



Good and healthy diet is very important during childhood. Therefore, we dedicate a lot of effort to provide the best ingredients and variety of meals. We prepare our own snacks in the kindergarten every day and lunches are brought to us by the catering company Mosaica, which we selected based on the quality of the food.


A Week of Health

Every year we dedicate a week to pay attention to children’s health and medical prevention. During this week, medical experts (dentist, ophthalmologist, psychologist, speech therapist) come to our kindergarten and all children are examined to make sure everything is in order. If there is a problem, the doctor prepares a detailed medical report and advises the parents on the next steps to take.


Consultancy for Parents

In our kindergarten we have cared for a lot of unique children. We’ve had children with special educational needs who were successfully integrated. During this process we cooperated with professional organizations and gathered valuable experience and knowledge. We are ready to help parents who are not sure about something related to the upbringing of their child or need more professional and complex assistance.


Aids and Materials

We take for granted that we provide the children with all requisites, materials and other things to play and work. This includes sanitary or protective aids such as brushes, sun cream, insect repellent or for example a welding shield to watch a solar eclipse. :)

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