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Experiences for Children

The children don’t just want to play with toys. They wish to discover the world; they are interested in principles and logic of all the things. The whole world is sooooooo big and the kindergarten is so small. Therefore, we strive to bring other experiences to them, to show how things work, and what in the world is possible to bring the world of adults to them. We want to offer them interesting activities to enable them to fully enjoy the beginning of their lives.



Zájmové kroužky v naší školce na Praze 5 jsou pestré a zajímavé. Děti objeví spoustu nových věcí.
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Lekce plavání vedou odborné lektorky z Plavecké školy Pulec, kam jezdíme soukromým mikrobusem.

Curious Scientist - This is a very popular activity with all children. It includes various experiments through which the children discover other rules and curiosities of our world, such as through a microscope, through creating their own ecosystem and raising small animals, modeling a volcano which then erupts lava and other things which they would never experience otherwise. Takes place once every two weeks.


Small Handyman - Every child is happy to be able to create something and take it home with them. In the Small Handyman, we do not just make boring artifacts; we aim to create interesting and nontraditional pieces. This is definitely not a regular art class, but a real workshop that creates original pieces. Takes place once every two weeks.


Big Gourmet – We are fond of food and the children like it when they can cook or bake a real delicacy. In the Big Gourmet we make delicacies which look and taste delicious. What is important is that all the yummy things are made from scratch by the children, including preparation, mixing, blending ingredients and the final decorating. And we can see how the children are happy when their parents enjoy eating it. Takes place once a week.


Smart Musician – Smart Musician is a musical club which is important and beneficial for the children who are not into music a lot. Based on work with rhythm, music and melody, we teach the children to breathe correctly, and using special activities prepared in cooperation with Mensa, we develop the children’s intellect and cognitive abilities. Furthermore, we help create the relationship to musical instruments and teach them the basics of playing the flute. Takes place once a week.


Tennis – This club is focused on the fundamentals of tennis and strives to help children become sports-oriented. Small children should acquire good motor skills and learn to control their body and to gain better movement coordination. Slowly, tennis elements are integrated into the activities; later the children can play with balls and rackets. Takes place once a week.


Swimming – What you learn when you’re young... Swimming class in the swimming pool in Radlice is taught by lecturers of the Swimming School Pulec. The children are taught to swim gradually and naturally using swim aids to facilitate the learning process. The learning is effective due to small groups, and each child will learn to swim on a good level. Takes place once a week in the spring term.



Canistherapy is based on the contact between a human and a dog and their mutual positive interaction. It is aimed at solving possible psychological and emotional disorders, positively affecting social interaction. Canistherapy contributes to the development of fine and gross motor skills, stimulates verbal and non-verbal communication and orientation in space and improves the ability to work in a team. In combination with our special educational program, the children will improve and intensify their habits and skills. Canistherapy is held every week at the kindergarten under the supervision of Annie, who is a certified handler.

Děti canisterapii s Májou přímo milují. Nenásilnou formou se tak mohou vzdělávat a zdokonalovat v mnoha činnostech.
školka Praha 5, školka Praha 13, školka Stodůlky, soukromá školka Stodůlky, montessori školka Praha 5, školka začít spolu praha, anglická školka praha 5, soukromá školka praha 5, školka mensa, Mensa ntc learning, dobrá školka praha, kvalitní školka praha


We aim to show the children the world and give them a possibility of getting to know things which we talk about in the kindergarten. In addition to the trips to interesting places, we partake in special programs organized specifically for preschool children that may not be otherwise available. Thus the children at their early age can visit the National Gallery, meet fire-fighters at the fire house or watch the Škoda cars being manufactured. Trips are organized once a month.

Events and Projects

Events and Projects

We are proactive and interested in what is going on around us and we like to help as well. But we also sometimes need to have some fun and show the parents what we can do. Therefore, we are involved in a few projects and hold various events and meetings:


  • Projects – Clean the Czech Republic, All of the Czech Republic Reads to Kids, Tree Day, a week stay of foreign visiting students from Aiesec, Charity organization Good Angel.

  • Kindergarten Events– Witches’ Night, Halloween, Transportation Day, Olympic Games for Children, Czech holidays and traditions, birthday parties.

  • Parents’ Meetings – Workshops for parents, theatre performances for parents, garden meetings.

Chceme dětem přinášet vzdělání, poznání i zábavu. Jsme zapojeni v několika projektech a ve školce si sami pořádáme nejrůznější akce.
Jsme zapsáni ve školském rejstříku.
Ve školce aplikujeme program Mensa NTC learning.
Spolupracujeme s dentální a ortodontistickou klinikou Perfect smile.
Jsme zapojeni do projektu recyklohraní, ukliďme svět.
Účastníme se projektu Celé Česko čte dětem.
Přispíváme na dobročinné projekty organizaci Dobrý anděl.

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