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Your Second Family...

Relationship with Children

We raise and educate the children you entrust into our care to the best of our knowledge and ability. We appreciate your trust, and we are fully aware of our responsibility to create a solid foundation for your children, both in the basics for their education and behavior. Our goal is to get the children who graduate from our kindergarten to have a realistic self-esteem and to be aware of their qualities, imperfections and limits. We would like them to be able to accept their responsibility for creating the environment they are part of. We strive for our children to be not only successful by objective measures but also in their minds. We are convinced that support and trust is more important than supervision and orders.

Approach to Children

Approach to Children

The best way to get to know the atmosphere in our kindergarten is to experience it. There is no oppressive, authoritative climate with distance between the teachers and children. The children are our friends, our partners. We’re not afraid to play around with them and let go.  The children respect us, however, they know they can come whenever they wish to tell us something, they can show their feelings and they know they have the right to express their opinion. They are not afraid that if they do something, it will be wrong. They feel safe, good and comfortable, knowing that they belong and when they are not in the kindergarten, we miss them. We have a relaxed, fun atmosphere and life energy.

Náš vztah k dětem je přátelský, jsme s nimi na stejné úrovni. Jsme kamarádi.
Parents' Involvement
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Parents' Involvement

Parents are part of our kindergarten. They are part of our team. Sometimes after the closing time we end up having good long conversations with the parents that the children keep repeating: “Mom, let’s go!” We hold regular garden meetings and workshops, whose purpose is to have children and their parents collaborate. Both children and their parents alike are glad they can go to our kindergarten. Over time, the parents become our friends whom we enjoy seeing even after their children graduate.

Kindergarten Environment

Kindergarten Environment

Most private kindergartens are located in a nice family house with a garden. We are no exception. Our house is located in a quiet area, near the central park. It is cozy and comfortable, in complete harmony with our approach and atmosphere. It is the last piece of the puzzle so that people look forward to coming to us, not unlike when you’re visiting friends.

Sídlíme v rodinném domě na Praze 5 v klidné lokalitě Stodůlky, které jsou součástí části Praha 13.
Jsme zapsáni ve školském rejstříku.
Ve školce aplikujeme program Mensa NTC learning.
Spolupracujeme s dentální a ortodontistickou klinikou Perfect smile.
Jsme zapojeni do projektu recyklohraní, ukliďme svět.
Účastníme se projektu Celé Česko čte dětem.
Přispíváme na dobročinné projekty organizaci Dobrý anděl.

Veselá školka - Mateřská škola Stodůlky s.r.o., Na Dolnici 526/42, Praha 5, 150 00, IČ: 01533339

Zápis ve školském rejstříku - IZO: 181044820, Identifikátor: 691004986

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